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Summer Solstice Sun Twirl

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Summer Solstice Sun Twirl

Someone somewhere on the site posted the suggestion of a summer solstice bread challenge. This is my answer to that call. It's a sourdough summer solstice sun twirl with Ontario Maple Syrup, Quebec wild blueberry jam, sugared almond slivers and topped with cinnamon sugar. Happy summer to all..



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just want to break off a piece and eat it! lovely


Bread1965's picture

It was very nice.. but I would have added much more blueberry jam in hindsight.. all good thought.. It felt good to bake again!

PalwithnoovenP's picture

Perfect for breakfast or parties where everyone can just help themselves by tearing off a "ray".

not.a.crumb.left's picture

and what a beautiful sun! Kat

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Sun on the Summer Solstice  Has tiotaste just as sunny!  Very nice and happy baking Bread


nmygarden's picture

Love the presentation, and especially that you highlighted the use of local ingredients! A very happy entry to the Challenge, thank you for your time, inspiration, and execution! I bet it was devoured quickly!


alfanso's picture

the creativity and artistry of this bread is marvelous.  Sometimes a great looking dough goes into the oven and comes out looking, well, just okay.  In this case, the finished product looks every bit as wonderful as  the pre-bake.

too good looking to eat.  However, one must do what one must do ;-) .