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1-2-3 Dourdough V. 6.4

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1-2-3 Dourdough V. 6.4

Further to my chronicles regarding 1-2-3 sourdough.

I've completed 10 successful bakes of the original 1-2-3 recipe.  I've happily been getting consistent, good results and now feel I've mastered it.  I can make and bake it on a time-line I've created, which makes for minimal effort and fresh bread when I want it.

So, at the prompting of fellow bakers, I have moved on to add-ins.

For my first attempt, I chose cranberry-pecan.  Not very original on my part, but I've never tried it and it sounded tasty.  Starting with 200 grams of starter, I used 1 c. roughly chopped dried. sweetened cranberries and 1/2 c. toasted chopped pecans.  I did not soak the cranberries.

The results got a resounding 4 thumbs up in my household of 2.  This morning we had it toasted with butter and farmer's cheese.  Lovely.  We will be trying it for turkey and mayo sandwiches, and for grilled cheese, soon.

Again my thanks to all on this forum for encouragement and advice.



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my favourite combination. what lovely looking crumb - well done! bet it is gone in no time.


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Mini Oven

you'll be baking another one soon.  Yummy!

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... here it is as grilled cheese with greens from our garden:

The turkey sandwiches also came out quite good.  Thinking next to try it as French Toast.   :)

FYI for anyone who is wondering:  I usually bake 2 loaves - one for now and one for the freezer.  We're currently working on the loaf from the freezer.

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And the french toast, which finished it off.  Time to bake again.  :)