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!!!!ALERT: Tramadol Add and Fake Papers!!!!!!

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!!!!ALERT: Tramadol Add and Fake Papers!!!!!!

Hi Folks,


I love The Fresh Loaf, a great resource and interesting discussion, plenty of good recipes.

BUT how disappointing to see these intruding Lines about getting illegal drugs and papers.

What can be done to keep The Fresh Loaf at its best????


Thank you

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It happens to every forum, everywhere and every email account. When you see it, click the report button so admin will delete it.

You should have noticed that it disappears pretty quickly because of members, spam filters and an alert administrator.

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Like Gary said, it's sadly ubiquitous but thanks to diligent Loafers and an attentive administrator, Fresh Loaf is relative free of such rubbish.  When you see it, click "Report" and be patient.  Floyd does have a life and can't always go in and delete them instantly.

90% of the time I sign in to Fresh Loaf it's just to Report one of these.  I suspect I'm not alone in that.  A lot of us are pretty protective of this space.


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Thank you for the advice! I will certainly use this report button in the future.

Happy baking!