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Sourdough Not Releasing From Bowl

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Carb Addict

Sourdough Not Releasing From Bowl

When I bulk ferment my dough, it is usually really sticky and wet. 

I tried the recipe in this link a few times now (without the cranberries) because it uses a lesser hydration than I usually use. Anyway, the recipe bakes up well, but if you watch this guy's vid, you can see how cleanly his dough releases from the bowl before he shapes the loaf.

I have to use a scraper to gently release the dough but there is no way it will come out the way his dough does. I asked him about that but he still has not answered so I am wondering if anybody has advise for me. How the heck does is dough comes out so easily and cleanly? I'm amazed that my bread turns out at all given how i massacre the dough getting it out of the bowl.

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Do you lightly oil the bowl before you put the dough in?

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Oiling the bowl shouldn't be necessary; if your dough is sufficiently well-developed it should come out pretty easily even at high-ish hydrations (I work with around 75-78% with a plastic mixing bowl). I had issues with 'really sticky and wet' post bulk fermentation when my gluten hadn't been developed well enough. Try kneading more than you are used to - it was a revelation when I discovered one can almost never over-mix dough if kneading by hand. I follower Trevor's Rubaud method when kneading and usually do it for about 10+min or so.

I also had issues with 'really sticky and wet' when my starter was degrading my dough or when I left the flour and water to autolyse for too long, at which point the gluten in the dough degraded and nothing would save it. I hope the former is not your issue, because if it is then you might have to work on your starter..

Last thing, do you S&F just before dumping out the bowl? It helps a lot to get the dough into a cohesive mass and hence release from the bowl becomes a lot easier. Check out Trevor's 'how to mix wet dough' video where he talks about how he gets his dough out from his bowl..

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Mini Oven

what is the bowl made of?

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Lazy Loafer

What spamblahblah said. Trevor has other videos (and an e-book) that describe very well how he develops the gluten in his dough. If it is well-developed the dough should be tacky, not sticky, and have a smooth 'skin'. Do one last fold in the bowl, then tipping it out, should help.

You can oil the bowl if you wish but that won't help with the general stickiness when shaping.