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Country French Attempt 2

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Country French Attempt 2

Much better than last time.  

I read the first half of "Open Crumb Mastery" and realized that I wasn't maintaining my starter properly.  After a few feedings, I made this loaf.  Same method as before, which is the method seen in the video for 'Champlain Sourdough' by Trevor J on YouTube.  This loaf is light and airy instead of slightly gummy like my last 2.  But it doesn't have that open crumb I'm looking for.  

I think I treated it a little rough in the preshape.  I got it super tight, and it never relaxed, except there on the sides I guess.  The way the crumb is on that bottom side is how I'd like it to be.  Can't complain about the oven spring and outward appearance though.  

Thanks to Dan Ayo for the tip about using refrigeration about 80% of the way into the proof.  I think this tip is gold for oven spring.  


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Trevor has years of experience so it may take a while to get that crumb, but keep trying, reading and watching videos and you will get there. 

happy baking


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great looking crust and oven spring. I am getting a great open crumb but my oven spring is hit or miss on my boules. Using the same combo cooker you are. What hydration is your dough? My crumb got a lot better when I went to a 75% hydration dough.

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Mine is 70% hydration.  Oven spring is better at lower hydrations, I find, but open crumb is harder.  I know it is possible with proper handling and fermentation, and a little refrigeration though.  

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you are a natural and it looks totally fab!  Kat