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Brioche Burger Buns

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Brioche Burger Buns

One of my brothers asked me to make buns to go with the burgers and crab we are having tomorrow for Father’s Day. I surfed a number of recipes but kept coming back to this one.

So here they are...

I doubled the recipe and scaled them to 115 -116 g each. And instead of baking them in a foil collar as suggested in the recipe, I used 6 inch foil pie pans. I did half with sesame seeds and half plain. 

We will see how the family likes them tomorrow. 


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I'm sure they'll be a hit!! Great bake Danni. 

Happy baking 


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Wow! I'm sure they will like them!

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in diameter. The base of the pie pans was 4 inches so it was perfect. I really didn’t feel like making 18 foil collars so the pie pans were my other option. 

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the P and the C

Time to grind some meat for burgers and cut potatoes for fries and BOOM it’s a celebration! Those buns look great.

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We are all foodies in this family so she has a tall order to live up to! Anyhow, there will be crab, Caesar salad and rhubarb crumble cake, so dinner tonight looks yummy!

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What's not to like?

Have fun at your cookout tomorrow!

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when it comes to pan and collars they are just nuts.  Press them down on parchment for shaping and cover with damp tea towel or sprayed plastic and forget them:-)  No pans or collars are required.  You just have to make them square if your patties are square - slightly more difficult :-)

The dinner sounds grand!  Crab and Burgers sound  way better than surf and turf.  The buns will be the show stopper for sure. Well done.

We are going to Chris Bianco's 2 for pizza tonight and calling it Father's Day.  Sunday will be a zoo.  We like the 2 better than the original Bianco's since it is right next door to Trader Joe's and the best Whole Foods in Town to walk off the pizza and get some desert!

Happy Baking Danni

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Really no reason to go crazy with collars and the like.  I always bake my rolls free form.  If you shape them correctly there is no reason for anything fancy.

I just put my rolls in the oven a few minutes ago.  Not quite brioche but rich  with butter and cream cheese added.

Happy Father's Day.


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dinner sounds great!


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Fathers' Day dinner at your place sounds great Danni! Your brioche burgers, crab, Caesar salad and rhubarb crumble cake...delicious.  Happy Fathers' Day to all the fathers at your dinner today!