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Hello all

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Hello all

Just wanted to say Hello and offer a suggestion.

I am in my 70's and just started baking bread.  So far it has been discouraging so I looked for a bread forum where I could pose questions.  Here at The Fresh Loaf, there are so many forums I don't know where to post my beginner questions so I suggest that you consider adding a 'newbie' forum or a 'Bread 101'  forum where those of us who are not fluent in breadspeak can ask our dumb questions without annoying all the skilled bakers here.


Thank you

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Lechem (not verified)

You have found a great site. Ask away and the kind generous folk here will answer any question you have.

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this is a friendly place and as Lechem said, just ask and we will try and help you, we have all been newbies too!  there is a wealth of information, and inspiration here and we all love bread!