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Artisan Bread Recipes

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Artisan Bread Recipes

I don't seem to be able to find an Artisan bread recipes that "DO" require kneading. Everything I find is no-knead. You might ask why. I want to bake a loaf now, not 10 hours form now or tomorrow.

That being said, I'm fairly new to baking so maybe there is no such thing.

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Lechem (not verified)

And what do you mean by no kneading? Why can't you make a nice loaf with kneading? I'm not sure if understand. 

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Lazy Loafer

Kneading is a way to develop the gluten structure of the bread. Time also develops this structure, but most artisan-style bread recipes use time to develop flavour as well (probably more important). The way to get bread fast is to use a lot of yeast (either wild yeast starter or commercial fresh or dry yeast), but you sacrifice flavour that way. So, use a lot of starter, mix well, knead until a smooth, silky ball, then bulk ferment, shape, proof and bake. You might not like the taste as much though unless you add a lot of tasty things to the dough. :)

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Lazy Loafer nailed it when she said time develops flavor. When I think of Artisan breads, I always think sourdough starter.

IMO quick breads will not have the depth of flavor that are derived from breads that under go extended fermentation times.

The good news is, breads that take a long time to ferment require more patience than work. The time spent handling the dough is often less than the breads mixed and baked quickly.


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OK I got it now. fermenting time adds flavor. I should have though of that.   :)