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HELP! What's up with logging in?

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HELP! What's up with logging in?

I don't login very frequently these days but I tried today using one of my older netbooks and discovered it was impossible to log in.


Because for some bizarre reason the LOGIN screen is now insisting on the completion of a CAPTCHA puzzle.

Why on earth has that happened?

I would understand it would be needed for people registering new accounts, to stop computer bots from spamming.  Why is it there for basic login ?  Makes no sense

My older netbook runs an oldish version of Internet Explorer.  Because of that the CAPTCHA screen doesn't actually display at all.  All I get when I put in my name and password is a message saying "CAPTCHA entry failed" .  Hence it is impossible to log in on that machine.

The laptop I am now using is Windows 7 and has an old version of Internet Explorer but not as old as my netbook.  Thankfully it did display the CAPTCHA screen so I was able to log in.

Nevertheless, it's completely unnecessary to have that CAPTCHA check during ordinary login.   The password should be sufficient security.

Can this be changed?






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Lechem (not verified)

Nice to have you back. Been a while. Hope life has been treating you well. 

It's this whole GDPR thing plus a few other changes. The captcha should only pop up the first time and will only reappear if you log in from a different computer. Or something like that. 

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Yes it probably can be changed but I am away from a computer this weekend. I'll look into it when I get back.

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FYI EP, you could probably run the latest version of Google Chrome on your netbook and I would predict an increase in browsing speed as well as no more captcha issues.


That being said, I also find the captcha login a little bit annoying.