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Yo from Philly!

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Yo from Philly!

Salutations (or, as we say, Yo!)

Many years ago I learned quite a lot browsing this forum.   

That learning was the starting point for what became a 3-year adventure as owner of a mobile, wood-fired artisan bread and pizza bakery.  

I'm here to share what I learned and hopefully help someone, even if only in some small way, as I had been helped so marvelously in the past.  I don't want to arrogantly suggest I've got some special knowledge. But, whatever I have, it's yours.

And of course, I'm here to soak up the rich and amazing wealth of experience and knowledge of you fine and generous folks.  

Thank you so much for everything :)

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Lechem (not verified)

Glad you're back and participating on the forum. Looking forward to seeing your names and sharing ideas. 

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Glad to have you!


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are you still in business?  I'm just curious--what role does the government/health inspector play in a mobile unit?  How do you keep ingredients (perishable ones that is) fresh and cooled in a truck?  I'm eager to learn what your experience is.


Where was your truck?  Did you hang out in the university parts of Phila or the business districts?  Is there even a suburban site that Phila supports for your business?  That whole food truck business has been a fascinating one for me to watch but never quite understand how it works.