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White SD Bread

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White SD Bread

After last Monday’s bread was puddle mooshed and refused to spring making ciabatta into sandwich thins, Lucy wasn’t going to have another failure if she could help it so she took another route with a similar recipe to make sue she got a nice loaf of bread this time.

She has been working hard, for some time now, to develop her app to replace all human jobs and she is not happy about it one little bit.  So far, she figures she can only replace 40% of all jobs over the next 10 years and this is driving her crazy. 

I reminded her that probably 50% of people still want to work so wiping put 40% of the jobs was a huge step in the right direction for the 50% that don’t want to work anyway.  I told her there had to be other people working on this and they could handle the other 10% no problem. 

She said that just wasn’t good enough and that all humans had to be unemployed before she would be happy.  I told her that half the folks would love her forever and the other half will be looking very hard for her to pay her back for ruining their lives forever…..and that wouldn’t end pretty.

She is not giving up though and will keep working to make half the world happy and piss off the other half – probably about the best one can do … that I think about it.  Lucy figures half the world is already pissed off but only 10% are happy so making another 40% happy is quite an improvement for mankind – she might be right about that.

Her recipe for Friday’s bake was also spot on for a huge change from Monday.  This is a big loaf of bread – over 1,255 g baked weight.  It is about twice as big as our normal loaf.  This one is twice as white too but only has half the levain at 7% pre-fermented flour.  The levain was a single stage whole grain Kamut one at 80% hydration for other huge changes plus that only used 5 g of NMNF starter to set it off.

You would think after being a baking apprentice for many years Lucy would know how to shape a loaf of bread!  She will probably never make it to a first class baking apprentice.

All of the whole grains were in the levain with the rest of the flour being half Smart and Final high gluten and the other half LaFama AP. to approximate sine kind if bread flour.  We backed off the hydration to 75% too.  It was still wet but easy enough for us to handle.  We autolyzed the white patent dough flour for half and hour with the pink Himalayan sea salt sprinkled on top.

Even though the Kamut was small you can see the yellow tinge.

Once the levain hit the mix we did 300 slap and folds right off the bat. Going way back years to an earlier process and about 10 times our usual overall amount we usually use today.  Then we did 2 sets of 50 sla[ and folds and 2 sets of 4 stretch and folds from the compass points – all on 30 minute intervals.  Then we let it rest for half and hour before shaping it into a huge boule.

Once you got away from the very center the two large holes were replaced with a better looking crumb for sure  Whew!

2 hours later into the hot 500 F DO it went after being slashed hop scotch style and then spritzed with water.  If you spritz white bread well before it goes into the steam environment, it will blister like crazy just like this one did.  It doesn’t work as well for whole grain breads for some reason but it always works for white ones.


So camera shy.

When the DO went in, we turned the oven down to 450 F and steamed the bread for 20 minutes.  The lid came off, the temperature went down to 425 F convection and we baked it for another 16 minutes until it browned up well.  It sprang and bloomed exceptionally, became as crispy as can be and hit 210 F on the inside.

Can’t wait to inside of this one.  With the outside looking so good we expect the inside to be the same.  See ya tomorrow morning after breakfast toast. My wife said 'This is really good bread'  It made some great toast for sure.  We were transported right to San Francisco by the bread that made the city famous and we didn't have ti dodge all the homeless beggars and used heroin needles on the ground - a triple yea!

This bread goes perfectly with Shrimp. Andouille Sausage and Chicken Gumbo - Just killer!

I tried to get a Navajo weaver to make me this rug in 1999 but they weren't that willing and I couldn't afford it. I still want one though and the Navajo need to get their designs into the 21st century.  Tradition is one of the 3 things that can just kill you! along with fear and ego!


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I'm sure it's going to turn out great this time! With that kind of bloom, it must have some beautifully open crumbs!

Can't wait for the crumb shot!

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but the rest of the crumb for the loaf was very nice though.  This one is nicely sour sour too.  Even the wife likes it!

Happy baking Elsie

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I don’t ever seem to get them like that!  just beautiful dabrownman and Lucy!


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white bread it seems.  Took a long time to figure it out.  Lots of times if you retard a loaf and bake it straight out of the fridge it will blister too in Mega Steam.  It is a pretty one for sure.

Happy baking leslie

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 Lucy seems to be setting the controls for the heart of the sun. And the blisters are on this loaf are the first signs of it. 

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work like she is a one wrecking crew Silicon Valley.  Two Silicon Valleys is 2 too many:-)  Glad you like the bread pul and happy baking 

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Sometimes you just can't beat a slice of white bread. 

Lucy is definitely on the right track. Imagine making 40% of the world happy!! I'd be glad just to make 40% of the people I know happy! LOL! 

The bread looks wonderful Dab, those blisters are stunning! 

Happy baking!! 


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happy but Lucy sets hers sights high and the next thing you know everyone will be out of work and 50% will be happy about it.  She is a stranger in a strange land for sure so anything is possible.

I see you and Lucy are channeling each other bread wise.  Yours was very nice too.

Happy baking Ru007

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I have long been enamored of all the bloom and ears your breads seem to get; is it a question of scoring or something else?

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is proper scoring but more importantly getting the bread into the oven at the proper proof.  Under proofed and you get too much.... over proof you don't get much but perfect proof pays off like this one.  I still say the hardest thing to get know and learn about bread making is when the proofing dough is ready for the oven.

Glad you like the bread SpamBB and happy baking 

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I wonder what could be the cause of those 2 gigantic holes? But overall, nice crumb and blistered crust. And if it's sour, I will be eating it!

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pre-shape and shape  I didn't de-gass at all and shaped with my scraper.  So so don't do that!  This bread is excellent for dunking with shrimp chicken and andouille sausage gumbo because I just did so and it was perfect.  The French make great SD bread for their meals including their Cajun cooking in New Orleans.  Many people do not know that the French Cajun's kicked put of North East Canada that moved to New Orleans were the ones that also brought SD bread to San Francisco right before the gold rush in 1849 - Some Italians did too but they don't know squat about Gumbo:-).  But Italians also brought cioppino to SF and what would SF be without cioppino and SD bread to dunk into it?  The French had been serving their bread alongside their gumbo in New Orleans long before the gold rush for sure.

It's sour Job and even more so today!  Happy baking

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No need to go to the gym with all those slap and folds 😸.   The smiley face crumb is cute but looks like the rest of the loaf was a hit.  I baked a high % white with Kamut and pecans the other day.  It came out nice and will post soon but would have been better with more fresh milled flours.

Happy Baking from the east coast gang!


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like we should have.  We did better with the oaf today though.  Can;t wait to see your Kamut bread.  Lucy sends her best heat to the East Coast Pack it is supposed to be 94 F today bit then over 105 F for a week and 110 F a week from tomorrow - Jeeze - summer is here!

Happy baking Ian