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Hello from an Aussie distiller.

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The Doctor

Hello from an Aussie distiller.

Hi all, thank you for having me... my bread journey is just starting. I run a small distillery in the New England highlands of Australia... I am renovating my kitchen and adding a steam oven to make rustic breads for our restaurant... I am particularly interested in making breads that feature our Gin Botanicals and whiskey grains... I Have only recently started trials but so far have been heartened by the results... if i achieve some success I will share the journey. Thanks again for all who share their knowledge.



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I am intrigued-bread with Gin Botanicals? Whiskey grains? I can't wait to see! Welcome to TFL. It sounds like another dimension in bread making!

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like Juniper? Corriander? Be aware that cinnamon slows yeast, so I would guess Cassia does the same. (FYI)

Good Luck!


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Mini Oven

We thrive :) on failures and solutions here.  They make the best learning experiences.  Just so you know.  

Welcome to TFL!   

Found this under: study juniper berries bacteria:

If the dough contains essential oils, may it be affecting the rise? 

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The Doctor

These are the botanicals i have for my gin bread.... a small amount are ground fine and added to  the crumb but mostly I hope to create a generous dusting on the top of the loaf... they are softened by 26 minutes in a Carter head still...this passes ethanol at 96% abv as steam through the grain...this softens the grain, leaving much of the flavour whilst making the woodier herbs soft enough to eat... up till now i have been using a pizza oven ... but have a steam oven on order...then the games begin.... thanks for the encouragement.

DocGin botanicals

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Great bread is baked in mysterious ways sometimes!  Welcome to TFL