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Blasphemy French Bread

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Mister Benny

Blasphemy French Bread

I used the blasphemy recipe to make this but I changed the rise times some, shorter then longer for the second. 
This giant biscuit lookin thing from a baking tin made a great crawfish sandwich that I gave to some neighbors. 
We did ours in the traditional loaf and it was definitely woofable for sure. 




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Mini Oven

our local bakery is turning out.  They brush the top with a little garlic oil and dump on the sesame seeds.

Mmmm crawdads!  

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pile of crayfish dumped on top of them.  I don't know what Blasphemy FB is but ,if it is really a French Bread, then Crayfish would crawl right into it even after being boiled. Very nice indeed!