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HI there Bakers! Please advise!

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Mister Benny

HI there Bakers! Please advise!

I discovered this place a few days and ago and exclaimed WOW this is EXcellent!

I am a complete novice with baking, tried it first time 30 days ago, or 40 loaves ago, either way. 

Started with Baggets and still have no idea why I can't get the large bubbles but right now I 
really need to learn to make french sandwhich rolls like they use in NOLA to make crawfish bread. 

Family arriving this week, I ran my big mouth and can't back it up! On the bread anyway!

I am good on the stove top but bread is new and I am stunned at how many ways to a loaf there are. 

Thanks for any help folks!

Oyster Poboys home made remoulade sauce.

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 This will keep you busy;

Then there's this of Julia Child making French bread that tastes "real good" and reminds me of Po-Boy sandwiches I used to survive on when I lived there;


Better get going,


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The only thing I know of that rivals oyster po-boys are soft shell crab po-boys.

That’s a beautiful picture, Benny.


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Mister Benny

Oh wow thanks so much for those links - wow

We couldnt do this 20 years ago, thank you

DanAyo, I love oyster poboys but they do have some rivals. 

Just none as simplistically perfect.