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Mixing it up - bread + croissants

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Mixing it up - bread + croissants

Greeting - been a little while since I posted thanks to being busier than normal but thought I'd drop a snap of a mixed bake - bread and croissants. This sure does challenge your timing skills and this time ended up with really nice crumb on the baguettes but a little overproofed croissants - no big deal - still pretty edible. Having been on hiatus for a bit it's good to see ya'll baking away amd hope to post more often (just got a big flour shipment so should be digging in more regularly)


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and that you haven’t  lost your touch! Both look and taste, I am sure, amazing!

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very nice all round. nice to see you back again..


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You haven't croaked or stowed away on a freighter to Australia!  And haven't lost your touch either.