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Here I go, walkin down the street...

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Mister Benny

Here I go, walkin down the street...

Found this place via Google searching for french roll recipes and almost wish I hadn't clicked the link. 
After 35 years of cooking everything under the southern American sun, I finally messed up and tried to 
make some fresh fresh bread. 30 days ago. Or probably 40 loaves ago or something. I like this stuff a lot. 
(and my friends are in awe of fresh baked bread)
But I know how clueless I really am and there is plenty to learn in this endeavor dammit I aint got time for
this but Imma gonna shake dat tree I caint hep it! ;-)
WOW are there some serious bakers here, WOW. 
I'll start out with "I hate all of you!" ;-)
I'm too old for this.......
Now to back track into all of these threads learning about how much I don't know...
Thanks for havin me!

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Mini Oven

Wow, 30 day old fresh bread or 40 loaves ago. Interesting.  Well, you only need to learn as much as you want to.  How have you been throwing your loaves together?    What do you like to bake?  Gotta start somewhere...


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its a very addictive hobby, but it gives so much back

great to have you with us.

Happy baking


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Hey Benny, you’ve stumbled upon a really great forum.

Use the search box to browse around and any questions you post will be answered by avid bakers. The experience and information available here is astronomical.

Good Luck baking. Your neighbors will love you far it...


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things bread you have come t the best place on earth for such things.  We ll started out as beginners.  It is the one thing we all have in common so welcome and happy bread baking!

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Mister Benny

Thanks for the welcome folks, this really is an interesting form of cooking. 
Right now, all I want to do is get a starting point for making french sandwhich rolls
IE the type they use in NOLA to make crawfish bread. 
I have a lot of family coming in town the end of the week and they
have great expectations because I ran my big ole mouth about it. 
I need light with big bubbles and I can't figure it out!

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I live in Thibodaux, La, near New Orleans. My niece made Emerils crawfish bread recipe and it was great.

Have you tasted Ciabatta bread? That would be my choice for the crawfish bread. Just a thought. Most recipe/formulas you’ll find on this forum will not produce the French bread that we normally get around the NOLA area. It is much better in my estimation. 

What we call French Bread, most bakers call baguettes. Try searching the forum for “baguette” for a wealth of information.

Whole Foods in New Orleans sells bread from Bellegarde Bakery. The owner, Gill Graison is a great guy. He mills all of their flours and is bringing bread back to basics. I haven’t tasted his baguettes but it might be worth a try.

Let us know how we can help... 


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Mister Benny

Dan I was born in Nawlins but raised up the river a ways, I've lived there for a spell and really love the food and culture. 
Soon I am going to begin hunting the elusive muffaletta bread - But that is for another day, right now I am trying to get this french bread down and going at it completely different today. 
As for Emeril, I have cooked so many of his recipes that it is ridiculous, BUT, I also entered a recipe contest on foodnetwork for his show, and I won, and they flew me to NYC put me up in times square and I got to sit and chew the fat with Emeril while he made the recipe for everyone when they filmed the show. FUN!!!!!!!!!
It was an Italian mint burger, done on an entire loaf of french bread. (store bought)