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40% Khorasan/Kamut loaf.....

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40% Khorasan/Kamut loaf.....

Well, thought I give this one a go as I was visiting friends today and they so far have eaten a lot of Champlains!!

variation on breadtopia formula with changes as outlined below....ha, ha there is method to my madness or not.....

40% Kamut/Khorasan loaf with :

  • 300 g bread flour 

  • 200 g whole grain Kamut (

  • 360 g water 

  • 75 g leaven 

  • 10g salt (1.5 tsp)

  • 79% hydration without adding more water, 360g plus starter

I decided that 'my dough' would need a bit more water and added 

10g  water - when adding salt

10g - in bulk container so 83% hydration with leaven counted in.....

Leaven built from stiff starter, 1:2:2 , 30:60:60 at 7:30 and in proofer 76F and then put  at 11 AM room temp to slow down..

AL 12:15 – 78Dough temp with 360g warm water in proofer, dough temp 78F

13:30 Add 75g Leaven ONLY  to dough, 75F 1st Rubaud mix, 10 min rest, add salt 10g and 10g water and 2nd Rubaud mix

14: 00 Start Bulk , 10g water in bulk container dough temp75F

15:00 1 S&F dough temp76F

16:00 2 S&F 75F

17:00 3 S & F 77F - coiling 

17:30 Pre-Shape – using coiling like Trevor IG

and then briefly rounded using bench scraper

18:00 Final Shaping a la Trevor

 for proofier dough...and this worked really well but forgot to take photos as this stage....too pre-occupied!

straight into fridge which varies from 2C to 5C depending on it's mood

Bake straight out of fridge

6:15 following morning ....




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and so appetizing. You seem to have digested all of Trevor's teaching and made it your method. Congratulations!


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Your loaf looks beautiful! Thanks for the detailed post. 

Well done! 



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for what's it's worth I thought it might be useful for other people....I started to write down on the computer with photos (if I don't forget) to create a 'benchmark' for each formula and this is easier to store than all my scribbled notes that I had first and also I can attach the final result and can compare...otherwise I felt I get lost a bit with all the variables....I love how everybody creates their own way of doing things!   Kat

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and I'm most grateful for it. I saw Lechem's 20% kamut loaf last week, and that already got me wondering. Keep up the good work, I'm all ears.


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It just has to taste great too!  Well done and happy baking

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all gobbled up already with home made chutney made by my friend and cheese followed by homemade baked cheese cake with 'quark' !   Kat

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Very nice work.  I love kamut.  I'm surprised by how white the crumb looks.  My 50% kamut loaves come out a bit yellow.

not.a.crumb.left's picture

it definitely had a 'yellowish' hue but did not come out very well in the picture..and I love the taste and the red 'hue' of the crust...... :D Kat

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Hi Kat, a beautiful loaf of bread and a delicious looking crumb!  I appreciate the details in your post and agree with your comment about trying to keep an archive record of your bakes for future reference.  Like you, I also get a bit lost with all the variables sometimes.  But that's what keeps us's always different, always something to try, to tweak!  

not.a.crumb.left's picture

that sharing details is a bit helpful.....the devil lies in the detail and I love when I pick up 'that little trick' in other people's post....constant learning (up and downs after failed bakes), picking oneself up again and tweaking as you say!  :D

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and the crumb is very very nice.  I think the hydration is the important thing.  you obviously got it spot on for this bake.. there is still hope for me when I try kamut again.. :)


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and I think this is a 'water' gobbling flour so I went with how the dough feels comparing to the type of other bakes so although I used more water the dough still felt stiffer...this is where I find adding water very gradually very useful for my type of flours..... I also like using my 60% starter and creating a 100% leaven from it like you!!  Kat

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The crumb is beautiful! I'm actually quite surprised one can achieve such an open crumb with 40% kamut. The hint of pale yellow kamut adds to bread is lovely as well.

A very nice bake!

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Perfect crumb and crust and must taste great too.



not.a.crumb.left's picture

and bread never lasts long in our house! Kat

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is making it rough on us!.  There's nothing like putting our own twists on these breads. and being happy with the outcome.  A beautiful bread.


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must watch someone in our house who turns the fridge down and suddenly I have an overproofed dough in my totally unpredictable fridge! So I am happy to have nice loaves when my fridge and husband (and his bread machine) are conspiring against me! :D. Kat