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Still baking 72% version of Trevor's stiff dough open crumb formula

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Still baking 72% version of Trevor's stiff dough open crumb formula

Yep...I am still  learning to bake this formula trying different stiff or wet starters and also have been a bit more

scientific in measuring the amount of on this one I really 'focused' and only let it go to 30% with that domed look as well as bubbles and activity....and then straight in to the fridge for 12 hours at 5 - 3 C....

I love to get a 'balanced' looking loaf at the moment with good oven rise, crumb, crust and ears....(but boy would I love a 'big' ear!!!

I also tried the 'water trick' to see whether I get that 'darker look' with blisters... AND I also tried to shape tighter in final shaping to avoid 'sagging' of loaf....

The mantra is...and applies to everything in life really...

Don't think about the person you want to be think about the person you actually are...

You have to be honest where you're at to work through your barriers to be limitless....

Matt Kahn




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That is such a great looking loaf! Well done Kat! 


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I am working on getting more consistent and get then a bit obsessed with baking the same loaf again and again....

It is a nice feeling when things come together....just to fall apart again...:D Kat

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I think you have that formula nailed, your recent posts are all beautiful,


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I had a couple of flatties in the interim when I tried room proofing, which I am terribly bad at!!!! Also, scoring on a non-chilled loaf is impossible for me so I quickly went back to retarding!!!

Dan's recent Champlain inspired me and I am actually about to bake a Champlain, which has been a while!

I might try the Kamut loaf that you and Abe have baked...your bakes look so good and I bought a couple of kgs of Kamut a while ago.... Kat

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You nailed it.  Nice work.

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Just look at that blistering crust! It's just how 72% sourdough bread should look like: no crazy open crumb but holey enough to bring out the best springy texture.

Great job!

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Your "learning" days on this are over...  An excellent bake!  Congratulations.


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Just gorgeous! That crumb is to die for!! Well done!!

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Thank you so much for all the lovely comments and I am rather chuffed! Baking SD is a bit like a rollercoaster the highs when it goes well and boy the downs when something does not work! 

I learnt the tip about the blistering crust effect on this forum from Carl (the Pigfarmer) during the Champlain bakes and he mentioned that he picked it up from Wartface on this forum...great tip as long as the water does not drip down the sides and then the loaf gets stuck! Beware!



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look like inside and out.  Happy baking 

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the question is what it will look like next time. Each loaf is unique...... Kat

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It's a classic bake.. very well done. Nothing to improve..