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Lots of gas in summer

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Lots of gas in summer

ive got a problem. I’ve been making rolls ( using poolish snd commercidl yeast) for a place for months and everything had been fine however since the start of summer and the rise in temperature the dough is getting very gassy. No matter how many times I fold to deflate etc I get horrible bubbles in the dough when I’m shaping which then effects the finished product ie all misshapen etc. I’ve lowered dough temperature and have also lowered yeast and while it’s not as gassy it’s not getting enough rise - or rather it’s takibg way too long - has anyone any advice please - am I right in thinking the excessive gas is due to temperature?

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Yes it probably is. 

Tip: aquarium heaters maintain water at 25.5 C. 

Coincidentally, the ideal temperature for yeast dough fermentation is 25.5 C. 

For a DIY proofer that maintains cool-but-not-too-cool temperature, put your dough bucket in a water bath with an aquarium heater in a cool room of your house.