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Malt Powder ?

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Malt Powder ?

In a couple of recipes I've come across the suggestion to add a small amount (1 tsp or less) of diastatic malt powder or barley malt syrup.  Both recipes state that this as optional.

What exactly does the malt do, and is it really optional?  If it's simply a supplier of sugar, will honey or molasses do just as well?

Any guess what the molasses equivalent of "1 tsp malt powder" is ?


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I like to include malt powder in my bagels, some of my breads, and even pizza dough. recently i've seen it included in cookies as well. 

primary job is much like it's job in brewing beer: increase enzymatic reaction to break down starch for fermentation. it can also help with color, and some claim it carries umami flavor.

personally, i prefer using malt powder over molasses in my bagels simply because i find it easier to work with. 

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Do a search here on TFL for diastatic and non-diastatic malt powder. They're two different things, although obviously related, and provide different qualities to your baking. There's tons of info in past posts. 

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Bob S.

Malt also supplies important minerals that aids yeast growth and metabolism. I prefer dry malt to syrup.