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Different starters affect proofing/rising time?

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Bread Bug

Different starters affect proofing/rising time?



Just had a quick question - I used to use a 50/50 white flour and wholemeal starter in but i have now switched to a rye starter

I've noticed that whilst the rye starter seems really active, and grows more in size than my old starter after feeding, it also takes longer. (i fed it 21 hours ago and still seems to be growing)

My go-to recipe is Chad Robertson's Country Loaf and was just going to swap the white/wholemeal starter that he uses for the same amount of rye starter.

But just wondering will this affect the bulk rise/proof time if the rye starter takes longer to grow, or, given that its going into mainly a white flour loaf, will it not make much difference?


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.....try it and see.  I use a rye culture all the time so I wouldn't know how it compares with other cultures.  Just watch he dough and not the clock :-)