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It's Lucy's 14th birthday today.

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It's Lucy's 14th birthday today.

She's got a gray face now but she is still pretty spry for her age!


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Trust you have an extra special day.

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And many more to keep DAB inspired.

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Hope you're having a great day, with some nice treats.

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How're you going to celebrate? Say happy birthday to her for me. I wish her great health!

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🎁🎊🎉Happy Birthday, Lucy!!!🎉🎊🎁

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Hope you had a great day. 

Join my three minis on Instragram... montyzooma_is where you'll find them... And thousands more...


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hope dabrownman and family spoil you with lots of treats🎉🎁


pul's picture

Happy birthday charming lady!

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She looks great!

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To be specific, I'm referring to Lucy and not you!

My gal is 15 and she is also still puppy-cute, but her hind legs are betraying her now.

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eat her breakfast and then upchucked after eating it later.  She did eat a small dinner but woke up this morning back to normal and begging for breakfast at 6:30 AM on Mother's Day!  Then we all went for a half mile walk, after bagels and lox for breakfast, to celebrate Lucy's birthday a day late and Mom's Day.  Then my daughter gave her treats and we sang her Happy birthday - so all is well - yea!

Lucy thanks you all for your birthday wishes and wishes everyone a great Mother's Day

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Max and Lexi told me they hope they are looking so good when they are 14!  So glad she's feeling better and able to celebrate her big day.

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You know it's also my birthday.




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for a birthday.  Lucky you!

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I gotta agree with that 



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Enjoy all the wishes and attention, and please don't worry about a touch of gray. It adds distinction, which may mean you'll be allowed on the couch more often. Thanks for all your baking inspiration - you really set the bar(k) around here!

Here's to many more!

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Happy Birthday Lucy!

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She is one happy wiener dog working on her next recipe by....sleeping on it!

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Anne-Marie B

Many happy returns birthday girl!

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Oh, what a lovely girl she is!

My sister's dachshund is also Lucy, and we have two long haired dachshunds too, Betty (7) and Angie (9).  :-)

Happy Be-lated Birthday to Lucy!!!