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Greetings from Belgium

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Greetings from Belgium

Hi all,

I am Matt, from Ghent. My native language is Flemish, just keep that in mind if you reed my posts :-) 

(always in to learn)


I am a graduate baker / pastry chef.

As long as I can remember, dough and fermentation has always fascinated me. Now it's time to focus more on sourdough, something that I have no knowledge about. I worked 8 years at a brewery, 1 year at a bakery and 2 years at a pastry shop full time. I worked for 6 years every weekend at a bakery (during schooltime and a little bit after graduation). At my current employer, it is my last month. Looking out for something different.

In addition to baking, I am mainly engaged in brewing and I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle (in several significant ways). 3 years ago I bought my first book about sourdough. This week finally found the time to actually read it. It's all very exciting... my first step is to buy a mill.


Greetings Matt

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You will find the people here friendly and knowledgeable.  Your English is excellent.


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Well Matt, it sounds like you probably already know more about bread making than most of us! :) Good luck with your sourdough adventures!

BTW, are you able to tell us which brewery you worked at? I used to be a professional Brewer.


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try to drink a different craft beer every week.  I like the variety.  SD bread making is way easier than brewing.  There are lots of brewers who are members of TFL.  We make as many different SD breads as there are craft beers!

Welcome and Happy baking

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the kind words.



Certainly, it's not a secret :-D I worked at the Proef brouwerij, in Belgium it's not the most famous brewery. I hope you know ;-)

Dabrownman, that's a nice hobby too. Locally I have 3 bars with great beer menu's -and they change them frequently-. Do you use untapped? For me it's not about the score, more about dischoving new beers :)