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Baparoma steam baking pan

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Baparoma steam baking pan

These things are fantabulous.  I have never made such perfect french baguettes.  When I have served them to guests they want to know why I have put something they can't stop eating, on the table.  I have never had any bread left to make bruschetta (spell).

 I think the only place you can get them, now, is on ebay.  I would suggest anyone that loves baguettes to grab a set of these.  They have accessory pans to use for all kinds of other bread and foods.  I even gave bagels a try and though I didn't boil them they were pretty darn good.  There are some great ideas for filled breads.  I think I will try a loaf of the Artisan bread in 5 a try in it this evening.

 I can't wait to try some calzones.  Terry

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I have searched high and low. Right now ebay does not have the Steam Baking Pan. If anyone locates a source, please let me know. I am really anxious to try it.


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I have a beautiful Baparoma pan that I got on an infomercial many years ago.  I tried it once and it worked great.  The bread was delicious.  But I know I'm never going to bake my own bread again (witness that I haven't used it in probably 10 years) so I've decided to sell it.  It has all five pans and is in perfect condition.  The manual would have to be downloaded, because I can't find mine, although I probably could if I made a big search.

I also have Cuisinart "pain de mie" hinged oval bread pan that looks like it has never been used, although the box is yellowed.  Don't know when Cuisinart made this pan last.  The recipe booklet that came with it is dated 1977!!!

I want to sell both these items and am thinking about bundling them together and putting them on EBay.  The last Baparoma I saw there ended up selling for $77.99 plus over $15 in shipping and handling charges.  I'm waiting to hear from Cuisinart on the "pain de mie".

If you're interested, let me know.


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Do you still have this? I am interested. I sent you a private message.

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mike owens

copied and paste into google and about 5 lies down , found them.