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How Do you make Bread in a wood dough bowl?

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How Do you make Bread in a wood dough bowl?

I want to learn how to use a wood dough bowl. I can not find recipes on how to do this. Only on how

to maintain them or make them. If they have to be maintained then, they are used.  Does anyone

know how to use these beautiful bowls? Any tips or thoughts?

Thank you


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but I would think oiling them with mineral oil might be a good idea first to prevent the dough sticking and secondly, using mineral oil since it is food safe and it doesn’t go rancid. 

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I found this youtube video, this company might have other videos using it.

This one just talks about care:

Here he is using it at the 2:40 min mark:

Looks like an interesting video series about 18 century baking.

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Just put the ingredients in and mix them by hand.

What exactly are you concerned about or questioning? A protective finish? Cleaning?

The only rule is to not let high hydration or wet ingredients sit in the bowl for hours as it can warp or crack the bowl. Dough can be mixed and even risen in a wooden bowl. In many areas of the world (past and present) the dough is scraped out and NOT washed. The remaining dough is allowed to dry and it acts as a levain inoculant for the next loaf. Voila! No starter to maintain as it is cultured into the bowl!