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Starter has developed cheese smell's picture

Starter has developed cheese smell

I've been baking with my starter for the last three years.  I do the same thing every time I feed it and either store it in the fridge or on my worktop with a lid on.  About 4 weeks ago I decided to start making kombucha and whilst it takes great, I've decided not to continue with it.  I stored the kombucha scoby in the fermenting jar on the same work surface, about 5 feet away from my sourdough starter.  

On Thursday night I opened my starter to find it smelled of sweet cheese and the starter all around the edge had taken on a grey tinge, and the top had developed a skin.  No mold. None of the lovely acidic smell I'm used to.  I removed the skin and scraped the grey starter off.  Took a spoon of the 'ok' starter from the middle and put it in a new jar.  I've been feeding it my usual organic dark rye since then but it's still smelling cheesy.  It's producing bubbles as usual. 

Could I have some sort of cross contamination from the kombucha going on? Because my initial thought was it smelled unusually sweet (not the sweet smell of starter but more like sugar).  I have moved the kombucha scoby out of the kitchen now. I also thought that I might have fed my sourdough starter buckwheat by accident as the flour bags are almost identical as they come from a local mill. Could feeding something like buckwheat only once cause this?  

I've read a few other posts, mainly from people just making their first starter who have this cheese smell.  I really don't want to get rid of this starter.  Should I add an acid like lemon juice, or just persevere with reducing down to minimum amount and feeding every day?  

Thanks all!



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Lechem (not verified)

carefully take out some starter that looks healthy, transfer it to a clean jar and give it a good feed.

Buckwheat does have a "different" smell to wheat and can turn a funny colour. If you did by mistake switch the flours then in all probability it's this. But to be on the safe side give some healthy starter some TLC.

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far apart to prevent cross contamination. I have no idea if there is any validity to this but I keep my kombucha in one room of the house and my sourdough in the fridge aside from when I am building a levain in the kitchen. I also have water kefir on the go and that is in the kitchen as well but so far so good.