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The Sourdough Club/BBGA

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The Sourdough Club/BBGA

Is anyone a member of the Sourdough Club? It's an online group, sponsored and run in part by the Sourdough School in Northamptonshire, and it seems like a great resource for all things sourdough. But I'm just wondering if anyone has paid the yearly member fees and felt like it was worth it or not. 

Same question for BBGA or anything similar. I consider myself and intermediate/advanced sourdough baker, but am looking for serious resources to continue my education at home (my two kids make it hard to go off to some amazing bakery school in France). Totally willing to pay fees/dues.  

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I only have experience with the BBGA. I joined and shortly there after decided it wasn’t for me. I requested a refund and they graciously agreed. I’m not sure if this is their policy, but you might check in advance. If it is a policy you could try them and see if you like it.


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I think you have to do a course at the school before you can join the club.

Seems a shame, as it sounded interesting.

I saw on Bakery Bits yesterday that Vanessa Kimbell ( who runs the school) has a new book out on sourdough. Looks interesting,  so current waiting to see some reviews 


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I’m reading Vanessa’s book now. I find it informative and interesting. It is well written. I’ve read about 30% so far.

You can get it in Kindle format now, I think the book comes out in a few months.


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I am also in the process of  reading the book at the moment and so far very informative including great formulas,  explaining for instance some of the benefits for digestive system as well as some of the nature of LABs in different starters etc.   I find a very good all around book...with amazing information in one place.

She suggest an overall 'guideline' schedule how to plan 'ambient' or 'retard' method and to record baking and you can download her sheets free from her web site without being a member or having bought the book.