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Khoisan flour says 15 gram of protein

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Khoisan flour says 15 gram of protein

Made some bread this morning and there's no oven spring and feels dense.  

Bought some doves farm Khoisan flour which says it's 15 g of protein per 100 grams. I normally only use 10% of "strange"flours  but this time I used 43% As I wanted to use up all my ends of flour  so this is a mixed bag of flours

43% doves farm khorsan

25% British bread flour 12% protein

8% light rye

8% wholemeal spelt

16% Canadian strong white

20% mixed seeds

78% whey and water mix

20% 70 levain

2.5% salt

i thought with the high levels of protein I would have enough strength to hold up those seeds.  The bulk was 4 hours at 22c nice and jiggerly before bench resting and shaping. Looked good before going into fridge for retarded 12 hours. Had proofed in fridge by about 30 % in the morning. 

Does anyone know much about this flour that could give me an idea of max I should use in a loaf as I do like a nice ear !!

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Lechem (not verified)

The gluten is different! It has less extensibility than strong wheat flour. This results in less rise and a more cake-like crumb.

It needs a more gentle approach and, of course, the correct hydration.

You can get away with 10% khorasan without noticing too much difference and get the benefit from this unique grain. Or to really appreciate it for what it is try a 100% khorasan loaf so you will know what you're dealing with.

Emmanuel Hadjiandreou has a good yeasted recipe.

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I'll have a look at that. Thank you lechem. 

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of knowledge.  Always generous with it and his advice.

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Lechem (not verified)
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this formula as suggested by Lechem....

if you are interested, people provided also kindly other  formulas with Kamut but the loaf in the photos is the 40% from the breadopia recipe.  I love the colour of the Kamut! Happy Baking....  Kat