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Gone for 5 weeks Tomato plants near death but loaded with cherry's

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Gone for 5 weeks Tomato plants near death but loaded with cherry's

that are perfectly ripe.  Made a tomato, fresh basil, cracked black pepper, tangerine balsamic vinegar, manzanilla olive oil, mini fresh mozzarella ball and parmesan cheese salad.


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went all out to make sure that their progeny got everything they needed to ripen! I am shocked you didn't come home to completely dead plants!

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This salad looks amazing! By the looks of the bounty, though, you may want to bring in the neighborhood (picturing hungry locusts) to help eat it all.

You'll surely have seeds for next season. Ours are in a bed at the back of our yard, and volunteer.


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Delicious looking salad Dab... such a treat to have real tomatoes, vine ripened!  I have just set out my tomatoes in trays indoor. We're still flirting with overnight temperatures just above freezing and day time temperatures slightly below average, Pacific northwest spring weather at its best.  Thanks for sharing!

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Nothing like home grown tomatoes on the vine...they must taste like sugar!

My garden the last few years was a flop.  I dug up the 100 gallon pond in my backyard and I'm going to plant a new garden in its place.  I think it should get more sun than the spot next to it so maybe this year will be the one.  First have to get the snow to melt!  We had 20 inches last week, the first day of Spring no less.

Give Lucy a belly rub from me and her brother and sister from another Mother!

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Stuart Borken

My son grew this type of cherry tomato last year and the variety was called, "Rapunzel".  The tomatoes grew in long clusters and the plant was indeterminate meaning it just kept getting traller and taller and had more and more long clusters of tomatoes.

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I planted seeds a few weeks ago.. mine are about 3 inches tall and sitting inside by a window as we're still enjoying sub zero temps north of the 49th parallel! Enjoy while you can! They look great!!

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and haven't even made a dent in them.  Made some killer salsa last night to go with the Food City low salt, thin chips as an appetizer.  These are the best chips in AZ and deserve the best salsa.  I don't think I can run out of things to make with these tomatoes before they are all gone though.  They are just terrific.