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Just Saying Hi

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Just Saying Hi

Hey all, thanks for this informative forum, I'm new to baking bread and looking for helpful info.  Started a few weeks ago with a Westbend Breadmaker and encouraging results.  Like many, I need to cut costs and intend to make bread items instead of buy from the grocery store.  I have had my DIY pizza periods, thus the aka.

I have always wanted to bake bread, but not owning a Stand mixer has been the primary reason I hesitated.  We had the westbend as a gift, significant other used one time and decided to make bread not her thing, so storage.  6 years later lol, decided to give a try.  

So progressed from allowing the breadmaker do all processes to removing the dough before the last rise and using a regular loaf pan to bake in the oven.  Great results...

Have discovered NO Knead bread, so don't need a stand mixer and tried no-knead pizza dough which was GREAT.

So have a lot to learn... again thank you for this forum

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Lechem (not verified)

You have found a great forum. Looking forward to sharing recipes and ideas. Would love to see your no knead recipe and final loaf.

- Abe

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Welcome to the Forum !!

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This is a great forum, you'll find lots of help here, and encouragement.

I don't have a stand mixer, either. I like kneading by hand, it's a great learning experience feeling the dough change as you work it.