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Greetings and warm thanks from Paris

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Greetings and warm thanks from Paris

Hello all,

I've been lurking for awhile now.

It all started with a recipe that called for 500g flour, sugar, 2cups water, salt and TWO teaspoons of instant yeast. Frst rise of an hour, then final rise of 20-30 minutes before baking for half an hour in buttered Pyrex bowls. As far as being able to put bread on the table and say "I just made this", it was perfect. And it gave me my first experience of any kind of home-made bread. But left me wanting more.

Then I fell into the no-knead trap. Did one or two so-so loaves, but found that on the one hand (no pun intended) I wound up looking like I was wearing a pair of clay gloves, but on the other hand, wasn't getting the tactile pleasure of what I'd always thought bread making was about.

Which is when sourdough began looking interesting.

After one or two other detours, I wound up here and at Trevor J Wilson's blog.

"Here" meant, initially, BobS's clear, concise and funny account of life with Fred. That led inevitably to the excellent series of articles and discussions that Debra Wink has so devotedly shepherded through the years. I can't believe I'm still reading posts from almost 10 years ago.

Anyway, that was a long-winded introduction from someone who is immensely grateful to you all for the ideas, support and enthusiasm that's on this site. And since I've started experimenting, I haven't been to the bakery in weeks -- although we've been doing alot of soup with croutons or gratins.

All the best from the city of lights (and baguettes)

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 Soyez la bienvenue! You will find a great bunch of people here, but if you have been reading posts from the past, you already know that! I am looking forward to your posts. 😊

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Indeed, I have grokked to the fact that you all are a great bunch of people. I'm on Day 11/12 of my very first SD starter, patiently coached by Debra Wink. Can't wait to bake with it and test all your recipes.

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but I hope you do realise it is very very addictive! look forward to your journey


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...and you have found yourself a fascinating new hobby and a great forum!

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I must admit that's already become a bit of an obsession, but riddled with questions which I shall be sure to pose here.

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I caught the Robert Heinlein reference-"grokked". I always thought it was a great word. More than know, more than understand. More than see.

Welcome to TFL!

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believe it or not, was required reading in high school, but (I think) for social studies, and not English lit… I must conffess I don't remember much of it ('twas a very long time ago), although, like you, the word "grok" got me. And stays with me.

Thanks for the welcome!

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Welcome to the Forum :)

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Don't think I can remember such a well written introduction, inviting, drawing and informative. The word "companion" comes from "those with whom you break bread with". Even better when you share the learning of how to make bread with others.

Best of journeys on your quest.