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My baguettes came out of oven discolorized!

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My baguettes came out of oven discolorized!

So I have been using the tartine bread baguette recipe. But my baguette came out a grayish color and veri stiff and not life, it was fine when I was doing the folds and I could see the tension building, untill after I put it for its bench rest! That’s when it all went bad I think ?

what do you guys think Happened?


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The photo makes the baguettes look tan, not gray, but otherwise it sounds like they were overproofed.

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Barbara G

The things that come to mind (not being an expert) are:

Is it possible you forgot the salt?

What was your oven temperature?

What about steaming... did you remove source of steam after ~10 minutes or so?

I'm sure someone with more experience will have a more specific idea.


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Tartine breads are generally really high hydration doughs.  If this is your starting point, you may be better off to start with something in the mid 60% range.  Building tension on those finds that they hold their taut skin easier than a higher hydration dough.  If this is the case, start with a lower hydration and work your way up.  As far as coloration, grey or tan, I don't have a clue.


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Lechem (not verified)

Has problems browning and develops a thick crust.