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Sourdough Starter’s Access to Air

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Sourdough Starter’s Access to Air

Just staring to mix up my very first sourdough starter, and I’m wondering how much access it needs to air. I have what I think is the perfect container; it’s a large microwave steamer. The lid is slotted so air will get in, but enough? This might seem like a trivial question, but I want this to come out right! Thanks friends!

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Starter does not need air. These are pretty common for starter. The glass top just rests on the bowl.

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to air risks drying the top out. I just put a loose lid on mine if it’s on the counter. 

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Starter is "anarobic", and can live in the absence of air.  However a good stir when feeding will infuse the starter with air and promote good development.

Since the developing starter will give create carbon dioxide gas it is important to leave the top of the jar ajar, so that the gas can escape thus avoiding an unpleasant explosion.


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I have a stack of old prune containers that I use for my starters. I have a little punch that makes a tiny star. I use it on the lids. Not too much air getting in, gases can escape.

So can starter if you over-fill the container. Just last week I discovered that the 100% hydration starter had overflowed onto to the refrigerator shelf. Like squeezing toothpaste out of the tube. Lots of fun cleaning that up.