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Maurizio's Tartine Best Sourdough Recipe

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Maurizio's Tartine Best Sourdough Recipe

Hi Everyone - I decided to depart for the time being from Trevor's Champlain SD and try Maurizio's Tartine. Both his and Trevor's are high hydration - 84%. Big risk - and challenging.

All strengthening of the dough was through stretch & folds - the first 3 sets every 15 minutes then every half hour for a total of 6 sets. He breaks down the autolyse in 3 parts - 1 1/2 hours flour & water, then the levain is added with some reserved water - 30 minute rest, then the salt and balance of reserved water if you need it - I didn't and I didn't want to chance it.

Then you stretch & fold for about 3 minutes before beginning the bulk fermentation and 6 sets, another 1 1/2 hours of bench rest & then pre-shape. I have to tell you - pre-shape was murder - I had to use some flour.

Shaping definitely requires more flour than usual and he tells you that. It was pretty billowy by the time it got into the banneton and then into the fridge for about 16 hours.

Delicious - I used an organic all -purpose and whole wheat. 

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Great looking Loaf :)

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must have been a hit. It’s all gone!

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Love that ear! 

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Danni that is much appreciated! Sometimes that’s the most successful part of the bake! Lol! 

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You must have done a bit of a dance in the kitchen! Beautiful loaf, inside and out! Kat

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Kat I was so anxious to cut into it! But boy oh boy it is not fun to handle wet! 

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it is always exciting when you get such a nice ear! well done, there will be no stopping you now 😊


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Hi Leslie, that knife I use does such a great job that if that bread lame ever gets here, I don’t know if I will even use it! I decide to try another one of Maurizio’s high hydration recipes. Bulk fermentation is in process. This one does the autolyse with the levain and flour, then the salt 50 minutes later. I think this might do it for awhile.... will post photos

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Lechem (not verified)

Don't know how you managed such a high hydration loaf and get a perfectly risen loaf with an ear. Lovely indeed Sharon. 

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Congratulations on a beautiful bake.  Yes, Maurizio has a boatload of very nice breads and sufficient detailed walkthrough to satisfy most of us.  


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Just wish he had more videos on his techniques, but he does give very detailed explanations.

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That came out really well!


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Hi Mike, I decided to go for another one - this one might be a disaster as it proofed longer than it should have due to an appointment that took longer that expected. Anyways, I’m hoping the over night fridge proof will help.