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Hello to all

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Hello to all

Hi, my name is Rui, I'm Portuguese, living in Germany.


Recently I started to bake bread at home and came across this forum while searching for "dough sticking to banneton" :)


My user name, "O neto do moleiro" translates to "the miller's grandson" as my great-grandfather and grandfather had and operated a watermill until the 1950s. So I guess flour and bread are part of my DNA :)


My success has been, so far, hit or miss, but i'm not giving up :D


I've also started an Instagram profile for this home backing adventure, where I plan to show what goes well, but also what goes a bit off. I believe people should also show their misses, on these pages, so not every one starting thinks "gee, I suck, everybody makes this way better than me"


And that's it, I'm here to learn and share





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Welcome to the Forum !

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about the dough sticking to your banneton?

Do you use a cloth-lined banneton, or unlined?  Mine is lined with cloth and I find a light dusting of rice flour keeps the dough from sticking very well.

Welcome to the fresh loaf!