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Rye starter is active, but wheat is slow?

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Rye starter is active, but wheat is slow?

Hello, i have a rye starter that is about 1,5 months old. Its very active, except that when i make bread it takes almost 12 hours to double the bread, and by then it smels like vinegar.

I see that everyone uses wheat starters, so im trying to convert mine into wheat. 

Why does it take so long to raise the bread?

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There is many reason why a dough won't seem to rise in a reasonable time, temperature, starter maturation and inoculation, dough compositions/handling.

Also if you are doing Sourdough I've read a lot to expect only x1.5 the initial volume of dough.

I feel that most people maintain their starter with wheat because it's cheaper and available and they switch to whole grain when needed. 

I hope it helped!

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Mini Oven


I use a rye starter and so do a good number of folks. Sounds like the dough is over fermented but more details are needed.