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Thanks to Lechem and all

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Thanks to Lechem and all

Thanks to all of you who helped with my recent starter queries and especially to Lechem who has been patiently guiding me 1:1. I'm pleased to report that we were able to resurrect my dormant starter and I've just baked my first loaf. Not perfect but very acceptable for a first attempt.

Happy novice baker David :)

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Lechem (not verified)

At the header of the post then it'll show up on the front page.

What a lovely loaf. And kudos for all the patience. You never gave up and finally a starter was born.


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well done for hanging in there till you got it right. This seems to be the key with sourdough.  And there always seems to be more to learn!

looking forward to future bakes


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And yes, Lechem is awesome.

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Looks great! Kat