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chinese infrared deck oven

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chinese infrared deck oven

Hi just wondering if anyone out there has any knowledge of this company above & in particular if any of you own one of these ovens. They have a steel deck & also use infrared & steam. Does anyone here use a steel deck oven if so what are your thoughts compared to stone. I am wanting an oven that I can bake a minimum of 10 1000g loaves at any one time, preferably a few more. 

Also has anyone tried to double stack there own household oven? Having tiles on both levels I found the bottom loaves did not get their usual spring , cooked on the bottom but top was anaemic whereas the top loaves got a nice spring & OK colour on top but base did not brown on the bottom until I swapped the loaves around & then cooked for longer than normal.

Many thanks Vic


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look more refined than the Rhino brand, tbh.