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Instant yeast problem croissant´s dough

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Instant yeast problem croissant´s dough


I make croissant´s dough with Saf instant yeast red. I mix dough about 3 minutes, I use water and milk from refrigerator. Problem is - dough is done, but the instant yeast doesn´t dissolve completely. How can I fix it? Maybe with little warm milk? Thank you for your advices.



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That's really unusual.


Anyway, you can try dissolving the yeast in the water/milk first before adding the flour.


But really, you shouldn't need to. I wonder what's up with your yeast.

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 Are you mixing the IDY with the dry flour before making the dough? That's usually sufficient, but maybe not, if your liquids are fridge cold.

Otherwise you can rehydrate the yeast by creaming it with a small amount of your liquid heated to 40C. Let it rest for 5 mins and then mix with the rest of the liquids.


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Yes, first I´m mixing the yeast with the dry flour before making the dough. Then other dry ingredients and liquids last.

I´m going to try heated liquid instead of fridge cold.

Thank you, Lucie.