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Hello from Toronto,Canada

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Hello from Toronto,Canada

It's snowy up here and decided to join the site.

As this is being written,I have a starter waiting to join the organic rye/bread flour mix in the kitchen...feeling ambitious, so 6 boules of rustic french it is going to be.


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It's been pretty snowy here all day, 10+cm we're told.  I actually threw out a loaf of bread I made yesterday, didn't rise at all, though it tasted pretty good (This doesn't happen much to me, throwing out bread.) so today I went back to my tried and true Double Crusty and made three enormous panned loaves.  It felt so good to have my hands in a great cushion of dough once again!  I've been kneading in the KitchenAid since breaking my shoulder last summer, and the bread, though good, is just not the same when machine-kneaded.  I need to knead!

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Hi Toronto, from Kitchener

It's been snowy here as well... very slippery roads.  I've been playing/learning the last few days with fresh ground flour and getting more successful, and also tried my first no-knead bread (I know, where have I been) which is very tasty.  Right now got some sourdough doing it's think so I'll have something to bake tomorrow morning.

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Great nick! - two of my favourite foods. 

It's been a couple of years since I was last in Toronto, but I remember it being incredibly cold. 

 Hope the bread turned out well.