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Do you think this still has a chance

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Do you think this still has a chance

The is the recipe

Everything was going fine. I had gotten to the point that I had kneaded the dough and it was resting in a bowl (from 2-5 hours.) It had been resting about 40 minutes when I realized I forgot to add the salt.

So I took the dough out of the bowl put it on a floured counter top and kneaded the salt in to the dough. It's now resting again. Do you think it has a chance?



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I mix all the flour and liquid and let it set for hours, then I add the salt and then the levain and let it set for hours...then I do two s and f's and place it in the bucket and leave it in the fridge till the next day. Nothing wrong with adding the salt late. You will be fine. Always weigh out your salt and set it on top of the bowl cover :)  that way you never forget it after the autolyse. c

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No Biggie just proceed as normal.