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Overfermented sourdough? Very weird raw dough texture

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Overfermented sourdough? Very weird raw dough texture

Hi! very new baker here and I've been trying to make a no knead sourdough recipe that I let sit on the counter for 14 hours in a 70-80F home. After the bulk ferment I tried to form it into a rough ball on my countertop. About 2 hours later I came back and it was a complete bubbly pancake mess. After that I added a fair bit of flour and started kneading it for 5 minutes in the hope it would gain some gluten structure. It went from a puddle that would tear all the time to a sticky goo-like mess that almost refuses to tear now but also won't hold a ball shape for more than a minute. It has the strangest texture I've ever seen it almost reminds me of frosting. The only thing in this recipe is flour, water, salt and SD starter. 

I've given up hope on making something edible about it but I'm extremely curious if anyone knows what caused my dough to act like this. I've added a video to show just how odd it's become. Any advice is appreciated :)

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It sounds like it fermented too long. 14 hours is a long time to spend at ~75 degrees. I would cut the time in half, and see how that goes.

Your current dough might make a killer batch of pancakes or waffles! :)

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Lazy Loafer

How much starter was in the mix? In other words, give us the weights of flour, water, starter and salt, and it will be easier to comment. However, it looks way over-fermented. It looks like sourdough starter looks when you have left it in the fridge unfed for a week or two. :) Leaving it at room temperature for 14 hours is way too long unless there is only a tiny bit of starter in it. Once you added a 'fair bit of flour' it would need another fermentation period to develop as you have, in effect, fed the depleted mass that you had.

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14 hours is not excessive for a no knead recipe. Did the dough show any signs of activity during that time?