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Confused by Lahey's Recipe

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Confused by Lahey's Recipe

 Newbie question ---
 Anyone baking SD (boule) "basic" recipe or "Pan co Santi" from Lahey's "My Bread" book? Confused by what direction is "upside-down". After second rise Lahey places proofed dough in a Dutch Oven with "seam side up". Shouldn't this be reversed -- especially if dough is shaped in a banneton or a towel-lined colander? You'd want the seam against the bottom of the pot. Right?  Also surprised that he does not slash these loaves. Perhaps it all cosmetic and really doesn't matter. Probably bakes the same, and tastes the same 

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If you place the dough in the Dutch oven seam side up, this is a weaker area so will open without slashing. I guess it is a more rustic appearance

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Jim Lahey was quoted elsewhere that the seam facing up replaces the slashing process (Thank You Jim Lahey! LOL)

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I proof seam side down and bake seam side up. The front page picture of TFL is what it looks like when you do this. 

My reasons are that I like the rustic look, I don’t have to try scoring in a hot Dutch oven and who has time to score when you are trying to load six loaves into 6 screaming hot pots!