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Can I bulk ferment this recipe overnight?

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Can I bulk ferment this recipe overnight?

Hello, I'm interested in trying this recipe from King Arthur and for the sake of my schedule, I'm wondering if I could bulk ferment this overnight and pull it out tomorrow when I'm back home (around 1p)? If so, should I mix the dough and directly put it in fridge? Once I'm home, I should pull it out, shape, and let proof until ready - correct?

Also, I'm not one for much sugar in my bread - could I cut down on the brown sugar?

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Lechem (not verified)

There are probably many ways to tackle this recipe and fit it into your schedule. Without trial and error and with an educated guess you could probably do this...

1: miss out the sugar.

2: miss out the yeast.

3: bulk ferment for two hours then place in the fridge till you get home.

4: shape and proof till ready.