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Biscuit and Scone Flour

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Biscuit and Scone Flour

Whats the best flour or flour blend to use for biscuits and scones. Special considerations:

- I bake in a commissary bakery for 5+ different retail outlets, so, large volume.

- I mix, shape and freeze all scones and biscuits. Thaw and bake.

- So, I need 50 pound bags and hopefully get from USFoods or DAWN


I'm currently using all AP (Gold medal). I assume I would want to use a a blend of AP and cake/pastry flour? Open to all ideas. Just trying to get a lighter product.


Thank you!!!!!!

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You could also mix in oat or barley flour.   Each would lower the gluten content of the blend and bump tenderness, while adding flavor.  


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The best suggestion  I ever used was to freeze the fat hard (whatever it is-butter,shortening,lard) and grate it into the flour as little ribbons. Keep them frozen until ready to use and keep the dough cold. After adding the cold liquid, handle the dough lightly so the fat stays in little lumps and doesn't dissolve, otherwise it becomes pie crust.

I would use AP flour (Gold Medal) and cut (rather than press) the biscuit shape. If you press the edges of the biscuit (I used to use a water glass) it seals the edge to itself and can't raise up and separate into layers. I'm sure the scone is the same.

I'm not sure how this translates to a commercial endeavor but the principles are the same.

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Here's a link to an article that compares three common southern biscuit flours: White Lily, Martha White, and Southern Biscuit,  Having just moved to North and made a batch of cream biscuits with AP flour, I can confirm that yes, the biscuits were better made with White Lily -- my brand of choice, then again, I like my biscuits pale.  

I don't know which wholesalers would carry these flowers in commercial quantities but you might ask the ones you deal with.

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We just changed to a new supplier and the carry 8/5lb bags of White Lily.. I am so excited to try it!!!!!