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Sourdough Starter Question from Bread Baker's Apprentice

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Sourdough Starter Question from Bread Baker's Apprentice

I am one week in to the starter recipe in Reinhart's book, Bread Baker's Apprentice. Seeking clarification of instructions on page 241 (hardcover edition)  Day 3 and up...

It says to put the starter in a clean bowl, mix and return to the beaker. Am I to pour off half of the starter and add new flour and water, or just mix the existing batch?  

I am in Kenya, on the hot Coast, so this is growing nicely and I used pineapple juice on Day 1


Thank you

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Lechem (not verified)

I have never followed his recipe. When I make a starter I generally don't follow any recipe as it's more about reading the starter, knowing when to feed and how much. However one needs to have made a starter at least once to understand how to do this. I could help you without knowing his recipe but don't wish to confuse you. Too much info can also be confusing. As I don't have his book I couldn't really comment as to what he meant. However a quick google search came up with this...

He has even included his email should you wish to ask him directly. Should someone else on here know his recipe and wishes to chime in then all the better. If you have no joy in trying to contact him then I'd be very happy to help you further but won't be his recipe per se.

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Reinhart's sourdough recipe is a perfect example of his unnecessarily over-complicated approach.  In fact, the process is fairly simple, and all but fail-safe.  Try this and you will have no trouble understanding and executing it: