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Today's bake - Vanessa Kimbell beginners' SD

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Today's bake - Vanessa Kimbell beginners' SD


I have been baking the Champlain like mad and had so much starter that I thought I try a different loaf with different bread. This recipe is from Vanessa Kimbell in UK:

I followed a recipe in her 'Food for thought' book which is essentially like the one in the link...

However, note the following differences:

1. She suggests in the book 30 min MIX  of ALL ingredients (salt and starter included) - I used a bit more water at 325g water @ 28C, 100g leaven, 400g white , 100g whole, 10g salt 

2. I used after this the Rubauld method to create gluten...rather than just S & F and not too difficult as dough was not too stiff to do this..

3. 2 X 30 min S & F

4. 1 hour rest after last S & F and then tension folds to create structure and tried to let dough proof under tension created

5. I think roughly after 45 min pre-shape - dough was bubbly but not proofy yet as this can be a problem for me...

6. 1 hour bench rest- and pre-shape was quite tight and the shape relaxed to a nice pancake shape for final shape

Straight into banneton after final shaping and then fridge, I tried this time floured towel in banneton and covered the dough with the towel in fridge.

Still not the open crumb I yearn for and a lower hydration loaf but family and I eat happily the bread and I learnt lots rather than going for much wetter doughs which are not (YET ) in my league.....




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the crumb is still very acceptable even if it is not as open as you hoped.

maybe a touch longer fermentation? I am wary saying that given how much my recent loaves have over fermented, but maybe a touch more in BF?

I am sure it tasted fine though


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I think you are spot on with the fermentation...As I normally can get dough too proofy I thought I try to manage this a bit better this time and probably could have let it go a bit longer in bulk fermentation. 


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Kat, your bread is beautiful, a lovely rustic loaf of sourdough...i really like the way you scored the bread too!  As to the crumb, I think sometimes in our pursuit of the perfect open crumb we deprive ourselves of the simple satisfaction derived from baking a good, hearty, nourishing sourdough because it's not quite as "perfect" as we want. Your bread looks delicious and I am pretty sure it tasted every bit as good as if the crumb was a bit more open!  Well done.

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Thank you and in our house the bread never lasts long....when I try to wait to cut it, I turn around and someone took a slice of it!   Kat