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rye malt starter

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rye malt starter

first real post

new to this forum yesterday

anyhow anyone ever create a starter with malt grains

like i said in my intro i do some homebrewing

in brewing over the years i have found that when malt is dried and ground,

it will go to fermenting if added to 80-90ish water

after 3 -4 years of not sourdough baking i decided to get back into the game

so i ground up 3 pound of malt rye with a corona mill to a fine flour

filled a 1 litre mason jar one quarter full and added quarter water 90ish

shook  it up and left it last night at 9 pm

this moring at 8 i got up and checked it 

bubbling away

so has anyone used a starter like this to bake bread

the start up time was fast for this

have did this before in brewing like i said and it always worked