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Hi everyone, I posted on here awhile ago for some advice about my panettone recipe, and after many trials I finally nailed it. So I wanted to share it with everyone in case there is someone out there like I was looking for a recipe with a lot of detail about the steps. It is a combination of Matt Tinder's recipe and the recipe found on the "wild Fermentation" blog. 

One of the biggest issues I had, ended up being the choice of flour. This bread needs a high protein/gluten flour, so i finally bought some KA High gluten (14 protein). 

I also was having issues with how much dough to put in the moulds and the fermentation. So I ended up slowing down the fermentation quite a bit to allow things to develop, so my temperature is much lower than most of the recipes out there. 

Here it is:

Stiff starter fed at 1.2: 1.0: 0.5 ratio of water: madre: flour. Did this twice a day for a week up until the day before the first dough was made. The day before the first dough, I make sure to get 3 feedings in within 12 hours. --My feeding process includes taken the fermented madre and cutting up and placing into bowl of water with a pinch of sugar and let sit 15 min. Then measure out the amount of madre and water you need, mix in a bowl and then add flour. Mix and form a stiff ball, cut a crucifix in the top and place into a small amount of water and cover with plastic wrap. Usual temperature is ~70F. 

First dough:

480g flour

240g water, room temp

10g non-diastaltic malt powder

150g madre (fed 4 hours previous)

78g egg yolk

130g sugar

170g butter

-1.mix flour and water for 10min, lest rest 30min (autolyzing, and allowing gluten to develop) 2. add the malt and madre, mix for 15 min and then rest for 10min (should be homogenous and very strong) 3. mix together the sugar and yolk (cold yolk) and add to dough in two parts over course of 10 min, rest 10 min after 4. Add butter (room temp) in two parts over course of 10min. Placed at 65-70F covered until tripled in size

Second dough:

120g flour

120 sugar

150 yolk (cold)

8g salt

230g butter (room temp)

orange zest (from 2 large oranges or 4 small)

40g honey

240g candied orange

-- 1.collapse first dough and add flour, mix for 10 min, rest 10min 2. mix yolk and sugar, add in 2 parts over 10min (but reserve a few spoonfuls of yolk/sugar for next step), 3.add salt to yolk/sugar spoonfuls and add to dough, mix 3 min, rest 10min 4. add butter in two parts over course of 7min, 5. add zest/honey/candied orange and mix ~3min until incorporated, 6. dump dough onto buttered counter and let rest for 30min, 7. cut into portions with bench scraper and using buttered plate on scale, 8. fold and rest 10min, 9. fold and rest 10min, 10. fold again and place into moulds, 11. If glazing add now in moulds, 12. cover with plastic wrap and place at 70F, 13. allow to rise until the apex of the dough is just at the level of the top of the mould. 

Couple of tips: best way I have found to fold: using index fingers, pick dough up in middle and allow to fold into a half and do this (similar to this ). 

dough per mould: I initally was using too much dough per mould and this results in either it being underdeveloped because you have to bake before it rises enough/ the dough to fall out of the mould when you flip it/ oven spring causing the dough or glaze to spill over (likely less of a problem with the proper flour because the dough is strong)

so use the 0.38x volume of mould (Cylinder vol= pi*r2*h) r2= radius squared, h= height (all in cm)

my sizes were small 5x7cm, 72g dough; medium 18x5.5cm, 530g; bosso large 21x7, 920g; large 11x7, 950g

baked until ~200F

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large crumb]

someone cut it and left that large line it it but it is so delicate and light

small crumb


thank everyone for the advice and for looking, hopefully this helps someone out there



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The crumb looks amazing! Thank you for sharing this! It’s going in my bookmarks!!

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I love panettone, bravo good job


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"Stiff starter fed at 1.2: 1.0: 0.5 ratio of water: madre: flour. "

I'm confused about the ratio you used.

If using in weight ratio, you used 1 part of  flour and 2.4 part of water, which gives you the hydration of 240% (considering the madre is the same hydration). That wouldn't be a stiff starter. Am I missing something?


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you are correct, I typed it up wrong. 

It is actually flour: Madre: water

ratio is usually around 50%, but sometimes less than that if I know it is going to sit longer. Then I am more strict about the ratio when feeding it the three times in 12 hours. 

And the candied peel: cover orange peel (with pith mostly removed) with cold water, boil for 10 min. Repeat. Bring a 1:1 ratio of water and sugar to boil, then add peel. Store in syrup until use. Drain syrup off before adding to dough. 

And the glaze (from the wild fermentation blog): 1c hazelnuts, 1c conf sugar 3tbl flour in food processor. Blend. Then add 3tbl olive oil and 3 egg whites. Should be a loose paste.