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Newbie from North Carolina, USA

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Gentle One

Newbie from North Carolina, USA

Hello, Wonderful Helpful People!

I'm a new bread baker (May I call myself a bread baker even though there's only two kinds of non-sourdough yeast breads I've become fairly good at making?) in North Carolina, and though I've made a couple of posts before, I've never introduced myself.

I've been lurking on TFL for quite a while, because this is a wonderful community.  I've killed a couple of sourdough starters over the years, and made only one fairly good sourdough loaf.  I need to do a lot more practice on sourdough, and hope to in the coming months and years.

I've learned a lot reading posts here, and just want to say thank you to everyone who has posted.  Don't have any particular questions now, but as I work on my skills and especially my sourdough attempts, I'll have a boatload of them.

I'm getting into first tax season just now, so I may not post much until later in the year.

May your bread always rise to the occasion!

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Welcome!  I, too, live in NC, Raleigh to be specific.  I suggest you look up the Pineapple Juice Solution in the Search box for a good starter information, also Mike Avery's Sourdough web site (}.  Remember sourdough takes a lot of patience!


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No one can tell you that you have to expand your repertoire, bake more often, etc. except you. 

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     I'm in the southern outerbanks, love to try to make bread.  Sometimes better than others but almost all of them are eaten.  Never a bad loaf, just some of tem better than others.  Enjoy and don't stop trying.

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Baking bread in Western NC

Just baked my first SD boule (see pix).  Good crust, good crumb, good eating.

Now that starter is finally working, more to come.